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Flipper Library: University Writing Center


Welcome to the Allen University Writing Center Libguide! On this page you will find information on the Writing Center's services, the Writing Center schedule & available tutoring times, and a list of upcoming Writing Center events for the semester. 

  • To make an appointment to work with a writing tutor, please click "Making an Appointment" above.
  • For additional resources, writing tips, and further information on this semester's events, please see our "Resources" tab. 
  • For any other questions or inquiries regarding the Allen University Writing Center, please email us at


The Writing Center offers:

  • One-on-one tutoring sessions with students.
  • Presentations on writing and research.
  • Workshops on various writing areas.
  • In-class materials and talks for instructors.
  • Virtual resources for both students and faculty.

Recent Updates

In addition to one-on-one support, the Writing Center hosts events and workshops each semester to promote the Center and go over useful writing strategies applicable across various disciplines. 

Current Hours

The Center

About Us

The Allen University Writing Center aims to assist the AU student body with all its writing needs. Our qualified director and graduate tutors collaborate with students on papers from any genre, such as English, biology, history, social science, business, and more at any level of the writing process—brainstorming, organizing, editing, formatting, citing, etc. 

Looking for More?

Been to a few appointments or checked out our resources and still feel like you're looking for more? We'd love to help!

If there is a presentation or workshop idea that would help you (as a student or professor), handouts you would find beneficial, or additional opportunities we could offer in or out of appointments, let us hear your ideas in this anonymous survey

Thank you for collaborating with us as we grow together!