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Flipper Library: About Flipper

About Flipper Library

The Joseph Simeon Flipper Library serves as the center hub of the campus in providing scholarly information and discovery.  We provide access to millions of resources, thousands of journals, eBooks, and printed books, hundreds of databases, an array of other material, and workshops.   The Mission of the Joseph Simon Flipper Library is to provide access to a variety of informational resources and formats that strengthen Allen University’s curriculum and support programs by providing the assistance needed to use available resources.   




The JOSEPH SIMEON FLIPPER LIBRARY had been an idea in the minds of the people of South Carolina for many, many years.  This great idea took the shape of a reality in August, 1941, under the able leadership of Bishop Joseph Simeon Flipper, when the foundation of the stone structure was laid. Money came in in bits from the students, faculty, the alumni, friends of Allen University, and the loyal ministers and members of the African Methodist Episcopal churches of South Carolina.