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Career Search

Occupational Outlook Handbook: US Bureau of Labor Statistics
The OOH can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

Music Websites

Great Performances (Click Here)

International Music Score Library Project (Click Here) : For sheet music

MusRef (Click Here) : A site devoted to music and dance bibliography and reference.

Writing Concert Program Notes (Click Here) : A guide to writing concert notes discusses what concert notes are, how they should be formatted (length, style), plagiarism, texts and translations, and recommends musical resources for those writing program notes. 

Music Theory Resources

Music Theory Resources

  • - Music - Work your way through lessons and exercises covering basic music theory concepts, rhythm & meter, scales & key signatures, intervals, chords & chord progressions.  The website also includes a link to an iPhone app.  
  • - Music Theory Online - "Music Theory Online, a Journal of Criticism, is the refereed, electronic journal of the Society for Music Theory. Published several times each year, each volume of MTO includes features such as articles, reviews, commentaries, and analytical essays. In addition, MTO publishes a list of job opportunities and abstracts of recently completed dissertations." 

World Music Resources

World Music Resources 

  • ‚Äč - Library of Congress Digital Collections and Services - "Access to print, pictorial and audio-visual collections and other digital services."
  • - Society for American Music - "The Society for American Music is dedicated to the study, teaching, creation and dissemination of all musics in the Americas. As a scholarly, collegial, and inclusive organization, we serve a wide and diverse array of academics, librarians, composers, performers and members of the general public. "
  • - World Music Central - "World Music Central is an online magazine dedicated to World Music."

Richland Library- Tutor Services for BIOLOGY purposes

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