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Copy of Social media for research: Blogging

social media created by Lucy Keating


Better off blogging?

Illustrations, mostly paired comparisons, showing correct and incorrect postures for various household tasks. Date ...


Thinking of writing your own blog? Want to find useful blogs in your field?

Explore the showcase of different ways in which researchers are using blogs, and try things out for yourself by using the links on the right hand side.

Blog: Academic journal

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Group blog: Ancient World bloggers

This is a collective blog, enabling lots of different researchers to contribute.

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Project blog: Silk Road

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Aggregated blogs: The Conversation

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Individual: History PhD student

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Individual: Film and Media Lecturer

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Microblogging: collating research reports

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Research Centre: Ancient Documents

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Blogging your research

Writing a blogpost is very different to writing an academic journal article. This presentation contains some useful tips on aspects such as style, content, format etc.

Have a go! Create a blog

There are many different services available which can help you create a blog, web site, or both. Some of them require payment, others offer a free version. This is a very brief list!

Explore! Selection of academic blogs

Have a go! Find a blog

Learn more! Why blog?